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Google Home Mini - sötétszürke
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Google Home Mini - sötétszürke

Google Home Mini - sötétszürke Google Home Mini - szürke
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    Google Home Mini - sötétszürke

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    Google Home Mini 
    Get hands-free help in any room. Google Home Mini is powered by the Google Assistant, so you can ask it questions and tell it to do things. Just start with Ok Google to get answers from Google, tackle your day, enjoy your entertainment, and control your smart home. And when you ask for help, it can tell your voice from others for a more personalized experience. Google Home Mini works on its own or you can have a few around the house, giving you the power of Google anywhere. 

    A powerful little helper. 
    Get hands-free help in any room with Google Home Mini. It's powered by the Google Assistant. You can ask it questions. Tell it to do things. Its your own personal Google. 

    Get answers from Google.
    Use your voice to quickly find information about the weather, news, sports and more. Hey Google, will I need an umbrella today? 

    Manage your day from breakfast to bed.

    Get help with things like your schedule, commute, travel information and more. "Hey Google, wake me up at 6:30am tomorrow." 
    Play, pause, and rewind. Hands-free.
    Control your favorite music, movies and shows, using only your voice. "Hey Google, play some pop music."
    *Subscriptions required to access some content.
    Control your smart home.
    Use your voice to control your compatible lights, thermostats and more. "Hey Google, turn off the bedroom lights."
    Your voice. Your info.
    Get personalized responses for everyone at home with voice recognition. "Hey Google, when is my first meeting tomorrow?"
    *Google Home Mini can distinguish up to six voices in total.

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